Case study 8
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Case study 8,

1. Toshimi grew up very sickly and fragile (Ashcraft, 2013). Because of this, her parents were very overprotecting of her. They did not want her to play too aggressively or run around for too long. Toshimi had very few friends in school and was always the last one picked for games. She chose to be alone and watch television in her free time. She saw a show about the ballet and her interest was immediately perked. She began taking ballet classes; her teacher was very patient and helpful with her which made her comfortable (Ashcraft, 2013). Toshimi was very determined, she wanted respect as an athlete. Although Toshimi began as a very clumsy student, she did not listen to the other students making fun of he (Ashcraft, 2013)r. She, instead, worked even harder and gradually got better. She became an older sister figure to a lot of the younger girls. The lifestyle of the ballet world quickly grew on Toshimi and she adapted to it very well. After years of hard work, the strains she had been enduring were rewarded by success. Now she is the owner of one of the most sought out dance companies, in comparison to the New York City Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre. Adler would be able to explain the motivation behind Toshimi’s career choice is encouragement and discouragement. When someone is encouraged they will exert the effort to achieve their goal(s). In Toshimi’s case, she was encouraged by her parents. They loved their daughter and did not want to deny her the things she loved. This was a part in why Toshimi wanted to put in the effort to be good at ballet (Stein, 2014). She was also pushed to achieve her goals because of her unique style of life. As a child, she was so protected that she felt she could not do anything. Because of this, she wanted to show that she was able to do something and be successful like other people. Another way one could look at Toshimi’s life is with social interest. According to Adler, someone who has a high social

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