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Topics: Customer relationship management, Supply chain management, Oracle Corporation Pages: 7 (1432 words) Published: December 3, 2014
Sherwin Williams Paints the World
Fady Nakhla
Management information systems
Professor. McGovern

Executive summary
Sherwin-Williams is known to be one of the worlds largest paint, varnish and special coating producers in the world. With about 100 years of advancement and development, the company has flourished to about 3390 distributors operation world wide. In its infancy Global reaches seem distant but will a logo of a paint can pored over the globe Sherwin-Williams was destined for global advancement. Despite it's ambition, in 2010 Sherwin-Williams international profits accounted for less than 20% of its revenues. Management at Sherwin-Williams knew it needed to expand into global markets to the European and Asian frontier but we're experiencing challenges along the way.

Sherwin-Williams knew the rest of the world was geared toward IT development, and if it wished to be apart of that world, it needed to do just that. it's current platform was both outdated and rudimentary. With increased costs of shipping Manufacturing and raw materials it's new IT platform needed to be both productive and efficient. Another challenge IT platform needed to overcome, was the multilingual capabilities as well as a new understanding to international tax laws, accounting procedures, variations in the environmental, financial and other regulations. In order to make the business more centralized and profitable, IT Systems Standard across all business units. it needed to centralize data in order to improve decision-making while still being unique to different needs of local locations. The company chose the Oracle e-business suite, Which included multiple Applications such as enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and chain management.

The company's key method of implementing this new platform, was trial and error. It would implement key standard functionality in a country of operation and after a year of mastery, it would apply the same principles while adding a new operating system to another country. By doing so it ensured that only the correct procedures were carried on to new areas of business and though it was a slow process changes could be made and adopted easily. Implementation began in Mexico in 2005 with simple solutions for my factoring, operations, customer service and financials. During earlier stages the key goal was to gain familiarity with customers to get acceptance from local employees and supply-chain Partners.

As the business began to grow, in 2008 an enterprise data management system was added. The system both centralized and coordinated products , Vendors and customer data, it enabled nonconflicting data flows from one business process to another. Because of this great advancement in data management, the Company can have its headquarters in Cleveland while still conducting business through out the world. One great advantage of the centralized data hub was divided the business into five key areas.

Those areas include forecast to plan, procure to pay, Order to cash accounting two reporting and formulate to build. Once the company as a whole was established and equated with the different changes, in 2009 the Oracle business intelligence was added to the different applications of the platform. Business intelligence expands the ability of data querying and analysis capability. This allows the business to have instant access to daily sales and margin data and the ability to monitor sales trends. Those making decisions no longer need to wait for end of the month reports to make timely and effective business decisions.

What management problems and challenges typical of global companies was Sherwin-Williams experiencing? What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for those problems?
The process of expansion can be difficult, Global expansion even more. Some challenges included cost of manufacturing and shipping, multilingual...
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