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The ally bank launched in 2009, when the market is at worst time possible but that time everyone is looking forward for a new brand and ally bank came up with creative idea was simple to build a better bank for customer rights. GMAC officially changed its name to “Ally Bank”. Ally bank comes up in market with a large customer and success rate of small business. They gave customer the online banking service that is extending its services due to that there is a less overhead but interest rates are higher as compared to other competitors. They provide the mobile service and social media services to the customers. Ally bank has focused on providing 24/7 customer service. Question and Answer:

Question 1: Conduct an internal analysis to identify resources and capabilities within both the parent company and subsidiary banking group. What are the linkages between the two organizations? Answer:

Question 2: Conduct an external analysis of general environment, industry and competitive conditions to identify Ally’s marketplace advantage and disadvantage. What competitor intelligence has the greatest strategic implications for the company? Answer: The Ally’s marketplace advantage:

Ally bank providing the low cost funding source and automotive finance and mortgage loan operation with a stable. All accounts are FDIC insured and Offer higher interest rates in the nation. To gain more profit in market share ally bank launched the new product and services every year. They provide the online services.

The Ally’s marketplace disadvantage:
Lack of business banking.
In the terms of finance they are unable to fulfill the customer expectation. They have bad impression from customer about the bank due to the troubles at GMAC. The bank of America is best competitor that has greatest strategic implications for the company. Question 3: Review ally bank’s business strategy and ally financials corporate strategy. How do they fit with internal strengths and market...
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