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Analyze the problem that Tom Mathis and Danaher Sensors and Controls needed to solve in this case? What were the surrounding issues of the problem? In the case there have few problems that needed Tom Mathis and Danaher Sensors and Control get a solution to make the operation reach more successful and efficiency level. At the time before Tom Mathis joined Danaher Sensors and Controls, the enterprise had employed Japanese Kanban method supply chain management instead of replying on a manufacturing resource paining system. Kanban is Japanese for "sign" or "signboard." Used in production operations, it denotes a signal for production to begin, or for material to be moved.Karban system used for the material or parts replenishment affix Karban card to the front of the storage bin. It easy for workers received the information about the material. Through by this method had exist one of the big drawbacks which is the Karban cards often missing by accident or carelessness. Therefore there is creates many problems for the buyers and purchasers. In fact, they didn’t realize how much time buyers actually spend going to the plant floor and calling people to remedy problems caused by missing one card or many cards (Drickhamer, 2005). If a company rely heavily on heavily manual system can bring disadvantages and it may be eliminate in the future. Tom Mathis brings many inventive methods for the company which can reduce cost and increase efficiency. His goal was to purchase lower cost supplies from overseas vendors. However, the organization culture at the Danaher Sensors and Control was accustomed to the Japanese Kanban system which is relying on heavily manual process so that their Karban cards always misplaced and their production suffered as a result. Besides that, pacers have to spend more time to collect the Karban cards and delivering them to the factory buyers. Moreover, Tom Mathis also has a difficult time for running new system which is e-karban system at the Danaher Sensors and Control due to he discovery there did not have the internal resources can support him to implement the system which he wanted. Essentially what is e-kanban system is a formal communication process; eliminating many appear in the fax Board orders, suppliers or send spreadsheets in e-mail, which is how many companies send kanban signals, their suppliers of human error. There are no rekeying or paper processing, signals from the bar codes on the trash can, to electronic orders to suppliers, usually a blanket purchase order requisitions. This overcomes the kanban cards to manage suppliers of major constraints: the physical space. This is valid, whether vendors all over the country, or in the ocean. Furthermore, one of the challenges for Danaher Sensors and Control was to integrate the plant’s Mapics inventory database with SupplyWorks system. Danaher Sensors and Control would reap added value from never having to reprint cards with new supplier or quantity information. Tom Mathis would thus have to utilize information technology to implement his plan to use overseas vendors and expedite the inventory replenishment process. The company had a relentless inertia towards the implementation of information technology and was very resistant to any changes of this nature. But, in order to further make Danaher’s sensors and controls business unit leaner, changes in information technology was inevitable.

second topic business law
Contract law is most obviously law relating to agreement or promises. The factor differentiate contractual from other legal obligations are based on the agreement of contracting parties. The proposition is true, although it affected by a number of qualification. A contract involved am components of agreement but no every agreement may involved contract recognized by the law. The term of agreement and contract always used to have same meaning but the term of contract can be difference with the terms of agreement. The development of...
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