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Real Cases Project: Teaching Guide for Human Behavior in the Social Environment


Real Cases Project:
Human Behavior in the Social
Rozetta Wilmore-Schaeffer, PhD
Associate Professor
Yeshiva University
Wurzweiler School of Social Work
2495 Amsterdam Avenue
NY., NY 10033-3312

A. Overview of this Course within the Social Work Curriculum This course sequence, Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE) aims to use the context of the child welfare system to help students develop an appreciation for the important aspects of the human condition. The course emphasizes the family as the basic unit of development and reciprocal influences between people and their environment. These influences are discussed within the context of social factors, societal, institutional, familial and biophysical forces. The interactions between family, individuals and environment form the foundation to the ecological approach to human development. Workers in the child welfare system must take all of this into consideration as they provide service to clients.

The course is focused on issues that deal with the development of the self in an ecological context, with specific attention to the study of the individual and family in the child welfare system. Emphasis is placed on the family as the basic unit of development and reciprocal influences between people and their environment. This applies to all HBSE curricula which may or may not be linked to the child welfare system. In those instances where this is linked to the child welfare system the focus is placed on life experiences and lifestyles of persons in vulnerable populations and at risk for crises, conflicts and dysfunction. Consideration is given to the capacity of persons to use organizational and community resources to improve their own and the community’s life in response to mezzo and macro system forces.

Integrating Child Welfare Practice Across the Social Work Curriculum

Real Cases Project: Teaching Guide for Human Behavior in the Social Environment


B. Relevance of this Case Study to this Course
A case study will be used to highlight relevant themes that have particular meaning to the study of human behavior. The case will enrich and expand the study of didactic course material. This will help the student to make connections between the child welfare system and the study of human behavior. The ANNA M. CASE is of particular relevance because of the focus on the safety of the children and caretakers. The vulnerability of the family is related to clarity of the balance between the risks and resources of the family and the environment.

C. Specific Learning Objectives Related to Using this Case in this Course At the conclusion of the course, students will demonstrate:

Knowledge of the human condition in an ecological context.
Knowledge of the impact of domestic violence on the developmental functioning of the person, both children and adults.
Knowledge of the ecological view of person-in-environment through the study of the family, respective individuals, biological and psychological factors, as well as other socio-cultural factors in human growth and development. Understanding the development of the family and the individual across the life cycle.

Developing an understanding of high risk situations with the ability to identify, report, assess and intervene in situations of domestic violence, child abuse and neglect.
An understanding of the micro, mezzo and macro systems as they relate to human growth and development, with a particular focus on case issues.

D. Overview of this Teaching Guide
1. One specific case example will be used to integrate all didactic HBSE material within the context of service delivery in the Child Welfare System. 2. The course is structured such that the case example is used as the window into the understanding of issues involved in services of the Child...
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