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Final Project Case Study: Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service

BMGT 364 - Management and Organization Theory
July 12, 2014
Professor XXXXXXXIntroduction
Amanda Smith is an experienced accountant that gained an entrepreneurial spirit and decided to start her own accounting firm. The company, Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service started off well and began progressing in the right direction. Amanda hired an assistant named Lisa who was entrusted with many of the most important tasks within the business. Eventually Amanda decided to expand her business and enter the tax services field. Amanda decided that she would need to hire additional accountants to handle the additional workload that her expansion required. She hired three additional accountants to mitigate the influx of work.

Amanda’s business was moving along and she was filling the role of the business owner and working cases. The newly hired accountants worked with clientele and kept the business operating. During a staff meeting on tax day Amanda began to realize there may be peculiarities regarding tax filing extensions. Based on the number of extension requests processed Amanda ascertained something was not right and she decided she would deal with the problem later.

After the tax filing season, Amanda began to learn that some of her clients were receiving inquiries from tax authorities on a host of problems. Amanda began to spend a great deal of time on the tax issues and was not spending the required time expanding her business.

Amanda decided to hire me as her management consultant. My firm, Walker’s Management Consultancy will present Amanda with solutions to the various problems surrounding her business. I will utilize the basic principles outlined in Principles of Management 1.1 (2014). In particular the P-O-L-C framework will be utilized to show this business owner the importance of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in managing Amanda’s Accounting and Tax Service. This discussion begins with a letter to Amanda and also discusses in particular the control function of management with additional discussion on the information that links planning and controlling. Letter to Amanda

Walker Management Consultancy

123 Pine Street

Anytown, Ca. 02564

July 12, 2014

Amanda Smith


Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service

456 Oak Drive

Thattown, CA 03412

Dear Amanda Smith:
I appreciate your trust in hiring our firm to handle the problems within Smith’s Accounting and Tax Service. In addition, I appreciate your candor and honesty in divulging some of the missteps you have taken in establishing your business and how you have come to the position you are in today, and what led you to my services. I want you to know that my firm will give you full cooperation and we offer you a firm commitment to put your business on track for success in the future. I want you know that the advice I am offering and the tone in which I give this advice will be blunt and to the point. Furthermore, the lengthy advice I am giving you is not just my philosophy it is true and tested sound management advice and I will reference the material so you may further investigate if you so desire. The purpose of my consultancy is to partner with your business and do so with forthrightness that will lead to effectiveness.

I want to start off with your mission statement. I understand that your mission is to be an accounting firm for small businesses to utilize for bookkeeping services. In addition you also want to cater to small businesses and individuals with tax preparation services. These statements are what your company is all about, but they do not tell your workers or any category of customer anything about your company. In the e-textbook, Principles of Management (2014) it is explained that there are three major things that a mission statement needs to accomplish. The statement needs to advise those that have a stake in the...

References: Raouf, F. (2012, August 27). Transparency and humility: The key to crisis management and
customer satisfaction. [Article]. Retrieved
Unknown (2014). Principles of Management 1.1. Washington, D.C.: The Saylor Foundation.
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