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Topics: Trait theory, Big Five personality traits, Personality psychology Pages: 3 (845 words) Published: August 1, 2014

Case 1 – Trait Perspective – Subira

1.What do McRae and Costa mean by introversion and extraversion? Is Subira introverted or extraverted? Find examples in the case to support your answer. Extraversion refers to outwardness and sociability. Intraversion refers to being shy or bashful. Individuals are high scorer when they are sociable, active, talkative, fun loving and optimistic. And they are low scorer when they are reserved, sober, retiring, and quite. In the passage, we learn that Subira is more reserved around her friends and her boy friend. She is more extraverted when called upon to act. Her friends although consider her shy. I consider her more introverted when she is her real self. So, Subira is a little bit introverted and extraverted. “The roles she plays are very gregarious” which also shows she is extraverted too at times in her life. 2. What do McRae and Costa mean by neuroticism? Would Subira score high or low on this dimension? Find examples in the case to support your answer. Neuroticism is the tendency to experience unpleasant emotions easily, such as anger, anxiety, depression, and vulnerability. Neuroticism also refers to the degree of emotional stability and impulse control and is sometimes referred to by its low pole, "emotional stability". Individuals are high scorer in this trait tend when they experience emotional instability, anxiety, moodiness, irritability, and sadness. And they are low scorer when they are calm, relaxed, unemotional, hardy, secure, self-satisfied. Although Subira’s friends consider her beautiful and lovely, she does not feel that way. She is self-conscious about her looks. She is at times both nervous and excitable which is how she is especially during auditions. Her emotions are displayed both while she auditions and even when she waits on tables, she practices her craft while she is at work. Subira also displays a lot of “energy and emotion.” Again, I would score her high on the level of neuroticism and...
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