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Topics: Customer, The Work, Problem solving Pages: 4 (1435 words) Published: March 18, 2014
MGCR 222
Introduction to Organizational Behaviour

Professor: James Fraser

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Submitted on: March 11, 2014

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Table of contents2
Introduction and Background3 - 4
Diagnosis of Problem & Statement 5
Analysis of Situation and Theories6
Feasible Solutions7
Choice and Recommendation8

Barbies is a restaurant where customers come to have breakfast, lunch and dinner. This restaurant was run by three main people who are George, Jimmy and Sri. My friend Vanessa she use to work at the bar position at Barbies. However, I asked if they were hiring and she spoke to one of the boss named George if they are hiring for any positions at the restaurant. He stated, “We Need people as a waitress position, would she be willing to work for this?” I received a call from Vanessa whether I would like to work as a waitress position at this well known restaurant that is filled with many customers who comes in to have a great satisfying meal. I was excited to tell her that I would accept the job. Vanessa than passed on the good news to the boss that I will happily take the position to help serve happy customers that come in for great food choices. The next day, I was called for an interview by George where he asked several questions based on my past experiences. I explained to him that I use to deal with customers at a call center name Coessential which demonstrates that I have great communication skills where I can provide assistance and resolve problems. In addition, I told him my asset is speaking basic French as well as fluently in English because being bilingual is an essential at a restaurant like Barbies since one can interact easily and comfortably when speaking with the waitress. In addition, being able to communicate and seeing a good service is the main, it would...
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