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Topics: Target market, Brand, Ethics Pages: 7 (1759 words) Published: November 18, 2010
Selected Answer Guide: CASE STUDY

CASE 2-3 CAMRY goes interactive to attract black women

Q1) There are three types of reference group influence – informational, normative, and identification. Assuming Bianca is a representative for the group consisting of successful, urban, professional African-American women, which type(s) of group influence do you see operating in this campaign?

Informational influence is a potential since a member of the target group is implicitly saying, “You are like me and I like this car, so you will too”.

Normative influence is not really being utilized in this campaign. There is no threat of punishment or promise of a reward by the group for compliance (buying the Camry).

Identification influence is likely the strongest influence being utilized. The goal here is to have the target market identify and internalize group values and beliefs and then act on them. The implicit belief is that Camry is part of an active, adventurous, urban lifestyle. Notice the strategy of showing a member of the target group using the automobile which is consistent with an identification influence strategy.

Q3) What values and aspirations does this campaign tap into relating to the sub-groups of professional women and professional African-American women?

This campaign taps into both professional women and African-American women – values and aspirations relating to modern gender roles and upward mobility and status for women and Blacks and so on.

Q7) Why do you think Camry chose to try to change perceptions of their car rather than changing the car itself?

Camry has been highly successful in reaching a mass audience and leading car sales in the US. And while it might at first seem odd that Camry tried to change perceptions rather than reality, it is worth noting that for such a “mass-market” brand, major changes to the product and product position could hurt it in the mass market. After all, the Camry has been “conservatively designed” for decades and that hasn’t stopped its market dominance. Students should be encouraged to estimate the size of the target niche here which will be considerably smaller than the 13 percent of total population that the African American market represents.

Case 2-9 FIghting Obesity in Kids

Q2) Is the positive approach better than the negative approach in this situation? Why?

It is difficult to have a definitive answer about the most successful approach. When considering a lifestyle change as intended, positive approaches to altering behavior tend to be more favorable. This is primarily based on the attractive benefits (fun, healthy, enjoyable, etc.) of changing behaviors. Negative approaches seem to be more successful when the purpose is to avoid behavior. This is indicated by the effectiveness of drug warnings.

Q4) Describe a series of three warning ads you would use to encourage physical activity among 9-13 year olds.

While the two factors of benefits and relevance exist with the negative approach, the frame and perspective is completely different. The most important issue to success when using warning ads is to enhance the realism of negative outcomes. This will enhance effectiveness and ground the message in the target’s daily life.

Case 4-5 hyundai’s turnaround

Q2) How much influence do you think Hyundai’s value-pricing strategy plays in consumers’ ongoing mixed perceptions about Hyundai’s quality?

Since pricing is a quality signal for many consumers, their lower-price strategy may continue to drive confusion. In a sense, it’s a consumer benefit that is a brand-image deterrent.

Q4) Assume that Hyundai successfully upgrades its quality image among all U.S. consumers so that they are universally recognized for high quality. Will this result in greater sales and loyalty? Are there other factors driving consumer decisions and satisfaction that Hyundai could focus on beyond quality that could drive...
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