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Topics: Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Entrepreneur Pages: 2 (575 words) Published: May 25, 2014
1. How do you evaluate the term “entrepreneurship” through this case?

Entrepreneurship term is definition as a process of identifying the opportunity, the one who organizes, operates and assumes the risk in a business converting the opportunity into marketable products or services using creative and innovative means, and through the process creates value and wealth to the society.

Regarding to this case study, entrepreneurship can be evaluated by the process of identifying the opportunity and starting a new business venture. During Hussain’s early childhood, he began to make chocolate sales as small individual business and it was his first effort to enter into business. He had no idea that this would be his first step to his business career because he was just a four-year old child who had just started his journey of life, but he has started by selling chocolates in village community and school to support his family and his father’s medicine and treatment. His shop was a piece of wood putting his chocolates in front of him.

Despite his father passed away, he still keeping selling chocolate and seeking for opportunity to increase his sales. Soon later, he realized the profit of selling book is double of the profit of selling chocolate, he decided to sell book and chocolate in parallel. This case reflects that entrepreneurship is an activity of converting the opportunity into marketable products or services using creative and innovative means. With his creative way in the form of celebration, he made a marketing campaign for his new business through giving away his chocolates to the people in the market in the way of telling them that he is having a new business as a bookseller.

Entrepreneurship is a process that need good relationship to maintain it, having a well-established networking can help in entrepreneurial activities. Hussain grew with a wide knowledge about the market sellers, the buyers, the good people as well as the bad ones....
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