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Monde Nissin Corporation has been providing Filipino consumers high quality products and excellent service for more than 29 years. In June 1980, the first Nissin biscuit was rolled out of the Laguna plant. Since then, Monde Biscuits has been a consistent top player in the market. Among the first few fast-selling biscuits were “Nissin Butter Coconut” and “Nissin Wafer”.

With the company’s drive for excellence and continuous innovation, Monde Nissin subsequently ventured into instant noodles in November of 1989 Encouraged by the popularity gained by LuckyMe! Instant Mami (noodles with soup in pouches), Monde Nissin came up with other first, such as LuckyMe! Pancit Canton (noodles without soup in pouches), the first dry noodle in the market, and LuckyMe! Supreme La Paz Batchoy, the first bowl noodle available in that flavor.

For more than two decades now, Monde Nissin has steadily and aggressively risen to be one of the country’s leading food manufacturers. From its first biscuit, Monde Nissin Corporation has evolved into a premier food company, which has consistently been among the Philippines Top 100 companies since year 2000.


• To know the process of making noodles.
• To determine how strong and competitive they are in the market. • To determine whether instant noodles is healthy for us or not.


During our visit in LuckyMe!Noodle Factory we learn the process of making noodles.

Monde Nissin’s processing and manufacturing facilities are efficient and dependable. Here, quality biscuits are processed, packed and sealed. Systems are constantly studied and improved. Computers help to minimize waste and maximize productivity. People are trained to maintain hygiene and safety on the job. Checks are done to assure product quality. The manufacturing plant is ISO-9001-2000 certified. High impact advertising and promotions build strong market base. An efficient distribution ensures product availability nationwide. All this to fulfill the company thrust to build strong and powerful brands.


Instant noodles have become a norm in Filipino’s daily life because of its affordability and taste. The leading brand in the country is the LuckyMe!. Everyday the company produces over 6 million of many varieties of noodles. The brand LuckyMe! Has a high impact to Filipino consumers, they always maintain the good quality of their products which is one reason why most consumers purchase their products. But what makes LuckyMe the leading brand of noodles in the country is because of its high impact advertising and promotions. Popular actors and actresses, who endorse the company’s products, help the company to get huge sales in the market. They are good in doing commercials; they know how to catch the attention of viewers. Their advertising and promotions are very effective to Filipino consumers and because of these the company has built a strong market base.


When you say instant noodles the first word that you will think is “PRESERVATIVES”. LuckyMe! Add preservatives during processing to keep noodles fresh. There are two kinds of preservatives the Natural and the Artificial, and LuckyMe is using only Natural preservatives. But what is the difference between the two? The main difference is that the natural preservative is found in and made by nature, while the artificial is synthetically derived in or man-made.

Are preservatives bad?

Studies show that preservatives are not bad for us. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classified preservatives as a GRAS (generally recognized as safe) ingredient and have been using for centuries to help the food we eat as safe as possible. LuckyMe! Use only natural preservatives in the form of mixed tocopherols. Natural mixed tocopherols help...
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