Case study 3.1, HY DAIRIES, Ltd.

Topics: Perception, Management, Decision making Pages: 3 (956 words) Published: March 13, 2014

Case study 3.1, HY DAIRIES, Ltd.

Success relies on the choices or decisions we make, the right decisions can bring success and wrong decisions can cause disaster. Perception plays a very important role in the decisions everyone makes. People make decisions every day based on the perceptions they interpret. We perceive people, situations, and so forth with our own senses. However, what one perceives is not always accurate. People's perceptions can be misleading and can cause negative effects. Perception could cause people to make wrong decisions based on non-factual information. Case Study 3.1, Hy Dairies LTD

The selected study is about Hy Dairies LTD., a gourmet ice cream brand. The sales volume and market share of Hy Dairies had picked up significantly over the past two quarters compared with the previous year. As the vice president of marketing at Hy Dairies, Syd Gilman credited this achievement to Rochelle Beauport, the assistant brand manager at the time, and decided to reward her with a newly vacated post of marketing research coordinator. Syd, based on his own career experience, was very much convinced that the marketing research coordinator position would provide Rochelle with greater career potential with Hy Dairies. However, Rochelle is one of the top women and few visible minorities in marketing management at Hy Dairies. She was shocked rather than excited by the job transfer proposal, as she had expected to be promoted. Rochelle enjoys her current position; she views her job more challenging with a direct affect on the company’s profitability. She views the new position more as a backroom job and even as a possible demotion and is not the route to top management in many organizations.

What symptoms exist to suggest that something has gone wrong? There were some key observable signs that indicate something has gone wrong when Syd Gilman reviewed Rochelle Beauport annual performance. Syd was so fixated that...

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