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Topics: Suicide, Major depressive disorder, Bipolar disorder Pages: 3 (1127 words) Published: April 21, 2015
Case Study: Depression Answer Sheet
Ellen: Depression and Suicidality
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Diagnosing Ellen
1a. Refer to the DSM-IV checklist and list all symptoms that Ellen has that match the criteria for major depressive episode. Which of Ellen's symptoms meet any of the criteria? (Be sure to match specific symptoms with specific criteria.) For starters Ellen has extreme guilt issues about not being close to her mother, and also the fact that she didn’t do more for her mother. Ellen also has recurring suicidal thoughts, and has even gone as far as to entertain thoughts on how to commit suicide. On top of all this Ellen has been deeply depressed for a month plus, has a history of not eating, and wants to stay away from other couples because she feels out of place.

1b. Can Ellen be said to be suffering from a major depressive disorder? Yes, very much so.
1c. Explain and defend your diagnoses or lack thereof.
To begin with we have the basics of deep depression, not eating, and not wanting to be around other couples, all stemming from recently being dumped. Then we can factor in the death of her mother, and all the guilt she is feeling from that. With all this evidence I would say that she is in the middle of a Major Depressive episode. 2. Where does Ellen fit with Shneidman’s taxonomy of people who intentionally end their lives? Ellen is definitely deep into Shneidman’s taxonomy of people who intentionally end their lives. We can say this because she is using suicide to find a solution, that the stimulus of her suicidal thoughts are intolerable psychological pain, and that her common stressor is frustrated psychological needs. These are just three examples. 3. What factors are present that may trigger a suicide attempt by Ellen? Harry is a major one. If she was to see him with his new lover that would be devastating. Also the actual purchase of a gun might be as well.

Explaining Ellen’s Depression and Suicidality
1. What genetic factors might play a...
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