Case Study 2

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 4 (1379 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Ramon Avancena Final Examination
MBA 670 Spring 2013
Consultants’ Report to Program Team
The culture of the three groups differs in various ways and each group’s current characteristics are represented by the table below. Table 1: Culture of Three Groups
Characteristics| School District| NCPIE| Woodson|
Innovation & Risk Taking| Low| Medium| High|
Attention to detail| Low| Medium| High|
Outcome orientation| High| High| High|
People orientation| Low| High| High|
Team orientation| Low| Medium| High|
Aggressiveness| Medium| Low| High|
Stability| Medium| High| Low|

In terms to innovation and risk taking I would rate the school district as low because of its bureaucracy and lack of change. The school district prioritizes its policies and procedures, employees unionized labor, and is subject to their district budgets. This makes it difficult for them to implement any sort of innovation or risk taking, but it must align with these factors and thus makes their structure rigid and stifles change. I rated the NCPIE medium in this category, because it is not subject to the bureaucracy of the school district. The NCPIE mission increase parental control which is a somewhat broad objective. It also embraces diversity with regards gender, race, ethnicity, and disability status, which makes their values more broad and open to risk taking. I gave Woodson the highest rating for innovation and risk taking because they emphasize efficiency and experimentation. They provide excellent services while minimizing cost through creativity and experimentation. With respect to attention to detail, I rated the school district low. While the teachers and administrators are competent and understand the challenges and issues within the school district, the students still under perform, resources are not maximized, and the high turnover rate for teachers dilutes talent pool within the school district. I...
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