Case Study

Topics: Torres Strait Islanders, Bipolar disorder, Community Pages: 7 (1926 words) Published: August 22, 2013
Families and Communities
Research Methodologies:
* Phone Interviews
* Internet Observation

1) Meaning of Support Services and the purpose.
Support networks are networks of personal or professional contacts available to a person or organization for practical or moral support when needed, it includes facilities and people who interact and remain a confidential communication style for mutual assistance. The purpose of certain services in communities is to provide available support for every member of the community, this can come believably essential in different circumstances, for example natural disasters e.g. Tsunamis, Cyclones, Volcanic Eruptions, Human influenced disasters e.g. War, Bombing, Car, Plan accidents, Criminal offences etc. All of these disasters are herindise enough for support to be needed, with exceptional and quanative number of support networks it can be made easier for a light at the end of the tunnel to be visible. Although it doesn’t need to be a herindise accident for support to be needed, many support groups give advice and support to troubled people. E.g. with mental conditions or suffering from depression, anxiety or family loss. All of these networks are either formal or informal,

A formal network is officially run by the government and is recognised over all media outlets, it’s the one that is mostly contactable in the moment time of need for example * Beyond Blue
* Centrelink
* Department of Community Services
* Daily Strength ( Natural Disaster Program)
* ADAC ( Aboriginal drug and alcohol Council)

An informal network is run by mostly volunteers or is run by qualified staff but is self-funded, its advertised during or after a natural disaster or human impacted disaster has happened, it can also be a known help clinic in a community that is advertised for all specific support required e.g. Veterans, Aboriginals, Teen health etc. For example; * Curran Centre ( only located in Orange)

* school Councillors
* Woman’s Club
* Volunteer First aiders ( for Natural or Human impacted disasters) * Blue Ladies ( Based at Orange Hospital)

2) Introduction of Selected Services including aims and background information. The selected service chosen is Beyond Blue, beyond blue was established in October 2000. It was made part of World Health Organization to help cure and make a respond to the increasing global issue caused by depression. It was soon established as the focal point for depression in Australia. The organization also captured public awareness and by 2009, the Depression Monitor survey showed eighty seven per cent of Australians were aware of Beyond Blue and its work. In late 2009, further funding was allocated to Beyond Blue, allowing it to continue its work to 2015. Now with its increased staff going from nine to approximately sixty, beyond blue is continuing its work to improving services for people with depression and anxiety and their family and friends throughout Australia. Beyond blues aim is to provide support areas all over Australia and Global areas. In addition to the service’s massive impact and results from the past surveys , the service’s next aim is to raise the level of awareness of anxiety, which is more intensely increasing but less well-known than depression. Beyond Blue also has other continuous aims, such as its remaining categorized programs for all different situations and issues. They aim to make the public aware of certain conditions and to make something that was once taboo and swept under the rug, easier and more educational, hopefully allowing the future to be more supportive of the condition. Many of the programs they run is listed below. Each program has a target to reach for every individual or group the reach out to the beyond blue services, these services are known as the inner and advanced programs, their specialized to someone’s or some group’s issue. Beyond Blue’s inner programs:

* Aboriginal...

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