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Tea Industry:

Tea industry is very attractive industry in our country. As we enter the first decade of the 21st century, there is more to the tea growing industry than a heritage we can be proud of. Our soils are being improved. Our plantations are producing higher yields of the finest quality teas. We are caring for our workforce, the descendants of the original tea planters and pluckers. Overall, the industry is flourishing as Bangladesh tea gains in prestige from season to season, auction to auction. The main tea growing areas are Sylhet, Chittagong, Panchagarh, approximately 58 million Kg tea is produced annually.

The golden tips of Bangladesh tea is now here to stay-join the millions and enjoys or teas. Bangladesh Tea will be best drink for the new millennium.

Our tea is shipped in chests gunny bag or paper sacks of intentional standard bearing an original garden mark, bulked or blended. We also export packet tea. Care is taken to ensure that each consignment, however small reaches its destination as fresh as it was when it left the garden. Major importing countries of Bangladesh tea are Afganistan, Iran, Pakistan,U.A.E, Saudi Arabia, Russia etc.

While our tea gains in popularity, our tea researchers continue their relentless efforts to innovate and improve the quality of Bangladesh tea to meet the demands of the 21st century.

Situation Analysis
There are two part of situation analysis:
* Industry Analysis
* Company Analysis

Now we are taking about the situation analysis on industry. External or macro environment which is industry analysis based on situation analysis.

Figure: Components of Macro Environment

Industry Analysis
Industry and competitive analysis uses a tool kit of concepts and techniques to get a clear idea about the industry traits, the intensity of competition, the drivers of industry change, the market positions and strategies of rival companies, the keys of competitive success, and the industries profit outlook. This tool kit provides a way of thinking strategically about any industry’s overall situation and analysis that what they should do to make profit. For this reason, competitive analysis aims at developing insightful answers to seven following questions: Question 1: What are the industry’s dominant economic features?

Question 2: What is competition like and how strong is each of the competitive forces?

Question 3: What forces are at work to change industry condition?

Question 4: Which companies are in the strongest/weakest positions?

Question 5: What strategic moves are likely to make next?

Question 6: What are the key factors for competitive success?

Question 7: Is the industry attractive or unattractive and why? Question 1: What are the Industry’s Dominant Economic Traits?

The factors which dominate or control the industry is called industry dominant economic traits. There are several factors which play a vital role in tea industry. They have been discussed as follows:

a) Market Size and growth rate:
Market size and growth rate shows the actual scenario of an industry and also tea industry is not an exception. Although progress can be measured in many ways, the most definite way is to see the market growth rate.

i) Size
Currently there are around 114 Tea factories are available in the market. There are also 163 tea estates. The market size of Tea industry is huge. Bangladesh is mainly export oriented country for this Industry. The current scenario gives us the feeling that the market size is moderate. But the current scenario gives us the feeling that the market size is all over the country.

a. No. of Tea Estates| 163|
b. No. of Tea Factories| 114|
c. Total Garden Area| 115,820.33 hectares. |
d. Total Nurseries| 1037.83 hectares.|
I.   Seed Bari                       II. Seed Nurseries              
III. Clone Nurseries            |
| 325.40 hectares.283.66 hectares.428.77...

References: * Bangladesh Tea Board
* The Daily Star Online Edition
* The Financial Express
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