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Topics: Wind power, Renewable energy, Wind turbine Pages: 8 (2108 words) Published: April 11, 2013
1. The UK government was committed by its government to a 34% reduction in its carbon emissions by 2020 2. The UK government has further pledged to reduce these emission by 80% by 2050 3. Governments around the world are under pressure to achieve sustainability targets. 4. The EU has a target of 20% of energy consumed across Europe to come from renewable sources by 2020 5. Quite revolution has received financial support from the Welsh assembly government, benefiting from investment in advanced plan, therefore enabling the company to cope with the rapid growth in worldwide demand. 6. The UK’s department of trade has supported Quite revolution in its research efforts. 7. The European commission has funded research for QR.

8. Quite revolution has exported internationally on a small scale. 9. Licensing and regulation.
1. Member states across Europe each agreed to different targets based on their relative GDP per capital 2. There are incentives for users of wind turbines
3. Traditional energy prises continue to rise.
4. Growth in the wind power markets has been driven by the movement towards using energy from renewable sources. 5. QR has received financial support from government related institutions within and outside the UK 6. QR price of E20000- E28000 per turbine is cost effective in the long term. 7. UK department of trade and industry supported initial feasibility work and development prototype SOCIAL

1. Consumer opinion about wind farms and turbines themselves is not always positive. 2. Some people view wind farms as unnatural in the context of existing landscape 3. Wind power is seen by many as an ideal solution to the dilemma of future power supply using renewable sources. 4. Direct utilization of wind power by consumers is less common, but it is increasing 5. Public concern about the use of large wind farms regarding the sitting of individual wind turbines for domestic and business use. 6. There has been a growing trend towards collaboration which has seen consumers and businesses grouped together. 7. The fit scheme offers financial incentives to small scale electricity generators, including business and householders 8. The UK consumer has been introduced to the concept of switching between energy suppliers. 9. Protesters claim that the wind farm could spoil the view and affect tourism. 10. 68% of people in the countryside are in favour of new technology just above the number in urban areas 11. Business began to embrace the concept of sustainability within the corporate social responsibility ethos, other initiatives have followed, all of which have heightened awareness of the need to identify utilise sustainable resources. 12. Developers had to work within a specified geographical area, reporting how wind turbines would affect marine navigation, fishing activities, ecology and visibility. TECHNOLOGICAL

1. Large electricity generators are used to transport high voltage of electricity around Britain. 2. The renewable energy centre (REC) Operates on website that can be used by consumers investigating renewable energy options and by renewable energy companies seeking to advertise their products. 3. Cutting edge technology has been designed in response to the growing demand for renewable technologies which demonstrate elegance, quietness and cost effective. ENVIROMENTAL

1. Many other countries are supporting the shift away from conventional sources of power, seeking more environmentally friendly alternatives to provide power. 2. Resources which can be used repeatedly, has led to an increase in power generation through such things as wind, water and solar energy. 3. The use of non-renewable resources for power generation has a number of additional downsides, like pollution, emission and contribution to global warming. 4. In Britain more than 90% of electricity is...
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