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Topics: Structural engineering, Hartford, Connecticut, Building Pages: 3 (891 words) Published: April 11, 2013
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| Name of Incident| Description| Important Dates| Series of events| Actions of Employees| Management actions| Consequences| 2| The collapse of the I-35W Bridge in Minneapolis| One of the main crossings of the Mississippi River in Minneapolis| Construction began in 1964. Opened in 1967. Collapsed on August 1, 2007.| Gusset plates had only half the thickness. No redundant load-bearing paths designed into structure. Increasing the weight of the structure by resurfacing. Heavy construction equipment was located on the one of the weakest points in the structure.| URS did not evaluate fatigue of structural members and did not analyze the redundancy issues related to the structure. URS did not put warning sighs related to the bridge structure. Nobody noticed the inadequate gusset plates during an inspection or while recalculating loads for planned maintenance.| The designers did not leave the original design drawings and thus investigators were unable to verify when and by whom the mistake was made. The original design firm did not detect the design error.| 13 people were killed, 145 injured as a result of collapse. In 2010 San Francisco-based URS-Corp was obligated to pay $52.4 million to the victims of the accident. Om September 18, 2008 new I-35W Saint Anthony Falls Bridge was opened to cross-river traffic. | 3| The Goodrich A7-D Brake Case| Production of innovative design of four-rotor brake for the A7-D for the Air Force.| Goodrich was awarded the contract to supply the brakes for A7-D In June of 1967. The beginning of testing of full brake prototypes by Goodrich in March of 1968. Senate hearing chaired by Proxmire in August 1969.| After six months of testing Lawson could not find any materials for brake-lining that would work adequately and became convinced that the design is insufficient. Lawson spoke with Warren about these problems. Kermit Vandivier (a technical writer) raised his concerns about the report,...
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