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Topics: Bulacan, Malolos City, Bulacan State University Pages: 5 (1111 words) Published: April 3, 2013

2/F Rm.1 Guevarra Bldg., Estrella St., Sto Niño, City of Malolos 3000 Bulacan Landline: (044) 760-7068 Mobile: +63922-8825863
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Company Profile

Established on June 19, 2008, PAMBANSANG.COM has been acknowledged as an advertising shop focusing on concept, design and layout. Edgy, trendy and hip, its primary product showcases limited edition t-shirts centering in the promotion of culture and enrichment of positive Bulakeño values. Combining the passion for history and advertising professionalism from its organizers, PAMBANSANG.COM is the collaboration of individuals willing to work and prove that the rich cultural history can be instituted and preserved through fashion. Generally, with “fashion, culture and heritage” as the guiding principle of PAMBANSANG.COM, this motivates the group to keep on inventing in their crafts assuring their clients of products that they can truly be proud of. Today, emerging from the list of young professionals, PAMBANSANG.COM is capitalizing in social entrepreneurship as a new trend in global businesses.


Promote social awareness and capture the Bulakenyo’s aspirations by coming up with socio-civic programs that will benefit the clientele i.e. scholarship programs and different scholarship drives.

Integrate fashion to influence a person’s outlook to institute and relieve our love for country, culture and heritage.

Aside from the limited edition shirts PAMBANSANG.COM also caters university organization t-shirts; college class shirts; customized button pins, Earth-friendly canvas bags, and other digital concept and layout.


June Joson one of the founders of Pambansang.Com is a high school history teacher in La Salle Greenhills. He always looks for a venue of discussion to open the minds of his young students to the rich history of our nation and the importance of his province of Bulacan in our historic struggle for independence. He sees talking points in everything, even in t-shirts. And t-shirts that avoke historical pride is a specialty of his shop Pambansang.Com. is a graphic design studio that works on different fashionable trinkets like t-shirts, bags and button pins that proudly banner distinctive Bulakenyo designs and imbibes Bulacan’s historic reputation. Started the business of designing shirts with some of his friends on June 19, 2008 with an initial capital of P 60,000 to P 100,000 Joson together with his five members.

They only print 100 shirts per design and after that they phase it out.It adds a certain aura of exclusivity because only a few would have that design.The t-shirts designs carry the distinctive character of the different cities and municipalities in Bulacan.Fashion,culture and heritage have always been the mantra of Pambansang.Com, and it prove to be a formula for success. And ensuring that all investments returned to them within a year and now Pambansang.Com has a definitive following among the youth of Bulacan especially those who study at nearby schools and universities.

When Pambasang.Com celebrates its first anniversary the main strategy of the clothing brand relies on word of mouth and participation in different events such as bazaars, schools fairs and fashion shows because of its relative young age. Pambansang.Com targets students and young professionals as potential customers. Technically students, and yuppies are they primary market, but many older customers are attracted by some of their designs like the shirt which has the design “ may asim pa! sukang Paombong!” many middle aged customer are attracted at the humorous nature of the designs.

Though the designs might tickle one’s funny...
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