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Topics: Ethics, Business ethics, Morality Pages: 4 (680 words) Published: March 3, 2013

Bahria University
Business Ethics

Spring Semester – 2013 BBA- 5th Semester

Academic Unit| Department of Management Sciences|
Credit Hours| Three (3)|
Course Level| Undergraduate|
Course Code| |
Pre-requisite| None|
Lecturer| Khalid Hussain|
Contact Hours| 48|
Contact Details| Email:|

Course Description
The course “Business Ethics” will cover the various dimensions of the term ‘ethics’, particularly focusing on its application in the business world. Touching briefly on the philosophical perspective of business ethics, the course will cover ethics at three broad levels- the individual, the organizational and the global. Special emphasis will also be laid on identifying how business ethics contributes to improved organizational performance. A brief glimpse of how various functional practices promote ethical conduct will also be explored. In addition to this, an attempt will be made at enhancing the students’ awareness and decision-making skills needed to contribute to responsible business conduct.

Course objectives
To provide students a framework to understand:
* The basics of Business Ethics and its application in the business world * Stakeholder orientation and various ethical issues facing the business world * The cultivation of an analytical approach to ethical decision-making within business * Role of Ethics in improved organizational performance

* Understand the role of culture, leadership and structure in developing an ethical organizational climate. * Ethics from functional perspective

Mode of Teaching

The primary mode of teaching will be lectures. However to facilitate the understanding of theoretical concepts, case studies/articles, discussions and class activities will also be used. The course will be punctuated with small ethical...
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