Case Study 11 3

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Case Study 11-3
Team-Based Rewards for the State of Georgia

1. Based on the features of a good reward system as described in the chapter, what are the positive aspects of the state of Georgia’s reward system?
Manager training is provided so that they are aware of how the system works and how to implement each phase of the system.
Salary increases will be given to eligible employees based on their performance. Employees would be motivated to remain with the company and excel in their performance.
There is an element in the system that allows a manager to provide an employee comments on how to improve their performance so they can obtain the rewards.
Employees that do not meet the expectations are not given any rewards. This is appropriate because poor performance should not be rewarded.

2. Based on the features of a good reward system, what are the negative aspects of the state of Georgia’s rewards system?
The system only addresses, salary and not the areas of benefits and recognition. A reward system is to benefit the company and their employees.
The salary increases have multiple restrictions. Employees that are above their pay grade are not eligible for any performance increases. This can cause a potential problem for senior employees that have performed above expectations and are expecting to be rewarded and recognized.
The State of Georgia should offer their employees competitive benefits as part of their reward system to attract and retain the high performers.

3. Based on your answers to questions, what recommendations would you give the state of Georgia to improve its current reward system?
Aligning benefits with the reward system would be beneficial to the employees. Offering them health and life insurance, 401ks, sick and vacation leave would make employees feel like their company values them and their contributions. In return the employee would become loyal to the company.

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