Case Study 101

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A Case Study

By: Agnes – Dimson

I. Introduction

Life doesn't always hand us solutions to go with the problems and situations we encounter. If you're in a pinch or squeeze, sometimes you have to use what you have, along with a bit of creativity and ingenuity, to get through it. No guide can address every possible situation that might arise, but there are many ways on how to deal with it. According to the, resourceful defines as having inner resources; adroit or imaginative or someone who is resourceful is capable of dealing with difficult situations". The also defines as to meet situations: capable of devising ways and mean. Someone who is resourceful is good at finding ways of dealing with problems. A resourceful teacher is a teacher that has the ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties in teaching the students.

II. Problems Identifications / Solutions

The Pupils go to school without having breakfast
The vicious cycle of poverty, malnutrition and illiteracy
The students are mentally sluggish and have comprehension problems Some Politicians envious, intrigues
The increasing number of student population boost every year Lack of classroom buildings
Site solutions:
The minds cannot function fully if the stomach is empty. The Pupils go to school without having breakfast. That’s why they sure the food available in the canteen was vitamin-fortified, bread, and other nutritious snacks are sold. Serving evaporated milk to hungry students who fainted during the flag ceremony. Having feeding program can help to attract the students to go to school. “Let’s not make poverty is the hindrance of our success”. Going to school every day makes us learn something new, it improves our own capabilities. Going to school can avoid to become illiterate human being.

The students are mentally sluggish and have comprehension problems, the teachers patiently coached because they already have an idea of what their problems are. Ma’am Bebing negotiated with the heirs of late Don Casimero Andrada and soon an eight-hectare lot at the top of the hill in barangay Punta was donated to the school. Some pushing and pulling of strings at the Department of Education, Culture and sports and in congress, resulted in a seven-classroom building with concrete floors and walls and GI sheets roofing. Bulldozers were borrowed from the Department of Public works and Highways and the National Irrigation Administration. Tree seedlings were donated by the Department of Agriculture. As classroom buildings started to rise, a mobilized army of students and their parents cleared the area armed with picks and shovel. Pathways were sculpted and paved with gravel and sand. Waterways were made for rainy days. A perimeter fence was constructed. It was a sight to behold, said one chemistry teacher “Groups of people worked together for the common good”. One group went around rationing food and water, another group loaded and unloaded materials, and still another group heaped the debris into one place, and so on. The improvements of the school do not end here. Because the new campus was a few kilometers away from the national road, the parents presented a petition to the owns transport organization. At a meeting, tricycle and jeepney drivers were convinced to follow a schedule for transporting the students to school in the morning and fetching them in the afternoon. Senator Franklin Drillon, Meriam Defensor Santiago, Raul Roco, Marcelo Fernan gave allocations from their countryside developments funds for the construction of more classrooms most of them with toilets. Books were accessed from the donors like the Jefferson library of the United States Embassy and the British Council. At the embassies, she insisted in speaking with the ambassadors. Some of the...
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