Case Study 1 Zacharys Story unit 6

Topics: Digestion, Stomach, Liver Pages: 4 (507 words) Published: August 4, 2015

Case Study 1: Zachary’s Story
Mike Myers
Instructor: Dr. Lok

A) If an ulcer starts eroding the mucosa of the GI track absorption would not happen correctly and some of the ingested and secreted products may seep out of the lumen. When the ulcer makes its way through the muscularis mucosa this would create a way for pathogens to enter. He could also loss control of defecation. B) The condition known as peritonitis is when an ulcer eats a hole in the wall of the stomach and bacteria from partially digested food spills through the opening into the peritoneum causing inflammation of the abdominal cavity and the stomach wall. C) His stomach contributes to the formation of ulcers by the acids needed to breakdown foods become excessive. The cell that directly participate in the forming of an ulcer are parietal cell that secrete HCI and the gastric glands the secrete acetylcholine. D) He needs the substances to assist in the breakdown of food and for absorption. The substance is secreted by the epithelial cells that extend into the lamina where they from secretory folds called gastric glands, and these glands open into the gastric pits and flow into the pits. E) If he only enzymes came from his mouth he would be able to digest starch because even if food is swallowed fast chewing it breaks it down with salivary amylase and continues to act on the starch as it continues on. F) The excessive pancreatic juice and bile in his pancreas will not be able to function correctly. Blockage of the secretions will continue to build up causing more damage and inflammation and pain. He will develop jaundice, because of the blockage and will continue to be malnourished and loss weight. G) His blockage of pancreatic juice and bile are not able to be used properly. The enzymes work on the endocrine portion of the pancreas, they secrete the hormones glucagon and insulin. H) His symptom of diarrhea is caused by...

References: Jenkens, T (2013). Anatomy & Physiology from Science to Life (Vol. Third Edition). Wiley.
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