Case Study 1 : Rockettheme - '' Thriving on the Web ''

Topics: Content management system, Web content management system, Information system Pages: 2 (322 words) Published: January 10, 2013

1. What are RocketTheme's business processes and what information systems can be used to support these processes?

- RocketTheme's business processes sells form of templates and extensions that are used open source content management systems ( CMS ) Joomla. The goal of making professional-looking Web sites available to the average Internet user,differentiate itself originality, a user-oriented focus and flexibility of design. RocketTheme sells directly to its customers through a membership system. RocketTheme uses an affiliate system and makes use of Google ads as an informstion systems can be used to support these processes.

- RocketTheme's business processes are selling directly to the customer and open source. The information systems that can be used to support these processes are content management system (CMS) and through a membership system.

2. How can these systems improve RocketTheme's business performance?

- I think these systems improve RocketTheme's business performance a huge part of that is just due to how great Joomla is and how it's popularity has risen. We provide a very well-rounded selection of designs, not just the same old ''business'' templates every month.

3. What is RocketTheme's business-critical information system?

- RocketTheme's business-critical information system has a user base of well over 40,000 registered members because of its international orientation and collaboration. All communication and information exchange between the employees of RocketTheme and its customers is preformed using the electronic superhighway. RocketTheme attracts its customer from all over the globe like its team, its customer come from different backgrounds,different age groups and different countries. The target group of customers is in essence, anyone who wishes to run a Web site using the Joomla CMS.

4. What information system could possibly improve RocketTheme's business performance?

- These systems...
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