Case study 1

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Case study 1: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
Noor AL Shadidi
PR. Balmakhtar
CIS 333
Strayer University

Case study 1: Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
There are pros and cons to a BYOD policy. Each company must carefully weigh both sides of the situation before making a decision. As the business world moves forward, there may be more companies using BYOD. There are some benefits to a BYOD policy. Having employees use their own devices can save the company money. Instead of buying devices for everyone, they can just buy them for the ones that need them, and the ones that work on projects that need more security. BYOD could also lower maintenance and IT costs, as users would be responsible for their own devices. Since storage would be accomplished via cloud storage, there would not be much risk to the company concerning lost files or shared files. Many users would probably welcome the chance to work on their own devices instead of company devices. Users may feel more comfortable using their own device which might lead to a more productive employee. There are still many risks involved with BYOD. The biggest risk is the possibility of lost files or someone loaning their own device to someone else. It is not uncommon for someone to pass their device around to different people. Another risk is that with BYOD, the company has to support several different brands of devices and also different platforms. The company may have to structure their company to accommodate this. The company also doesn’t have control over what items the employee puts on their device. If a person’s device loses functionality because of something they downloaded, it’s possible to lose valuable man hours while they get it fixed. I personally, would not employ the BYOD policy. There are too many risks involved and I’m not entirely confident in the ability to avoid disasters considering the savvy of today’s hackers. The biggest advantage is the cost...

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