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Tarlac State University
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S.Y. 2013-2014

Case Study

( & British Airways)

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Case Study 1
1. What factors are compelling Yahoo and Ebay already “internet giants”, to collaborate and tap into each other’s only audiences?

As the largest supplier of graphical ‘branded’, advertising, it is looking to extend the reach of its network more broadly across the web. Ebay being the world’s leading e-commerce company, it will be a big competitive advantage for Yahoo, because Ebay’s audience remains one of the most attractive under-utilized communities on the internet. It will trawl for millions of different researchers around the world. Vice versa, Yahoo will also create a big impact on carrying a lot of shoppers on consumers to the Ebay site.

2. What are the potential risks associated with such an alliance?

In today’s global economy, many companies’ managers consider alliances as a key strategic alternative. Even if it is true that alliances can be a really powerful competitive tool, managers should pay attention to all potential risks before involving in a partnership. This paper aims to address a series of issues that may arise when forming a alliance.

3. What types of networks are potentially emerging across the web?

Social networking sites such as MySpace, internet voice services such as Skype, online payment system such as PayPal. Some of the given examples have already emerge with other networks to create a larger number of customers and to make their networks more attractive and lesser risk to be shut down.

Case Study 2
British Airways
1. What is the link between internal marketing and service quality in the airline industry?
There are limited studies on the relationship between internal marketing and service quality in Uganda though in the west

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