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SMEDA ER team under its enterprise development program is in process of enhancing the capacities of local people of flood affected areas through incubation and Grants. SMEDA ER is considering the potential for entrepreneurs in Hisara Yasinzai of distt. Charsadda and decided to conduct a micro incubation activity for potential individuals and deliver a Grant for financial Support as a sure shot and quick means of developing new micro enterprises and strengthen the existing.

Legal/business aid provided and livelihood restored for micro enterprises and farmers with mobilization of associations and BDS support networks
The project promoted enterprise with selected potential entrepreneurs to achieve the desired project objectives. The project helped in reducing poverty, empower the entrepreneurs economically and set an example of self-employment and model for replication. It addressed the core issue of the entrepreneurs and provided them an edge in order to compete in national market and develop linkages.

Major focus of ER project is to provide cash grants for enterprise rehabilitation, livelihood restoration and small cooperative projects. The purpose of the grant program is to assist flood affected communities in re-establishing their economic condition in a sustainable manner.

The Target Union Council:
The target UC is Hisara Yasinzai. Its total population is 25000.There are 7 revenue villages and 45 small villages in this UC. The literacy ratio is very low. There are13 primary schools for boys and 8 primary schools for girls. There are 3 middle schools for boys only and high school are not available for girls . In the whole UC the enrollment rate of boys is 3056 and girls 820 respectively. The health condition in this UC is very miserable. Health facilities are negligible here. The majority of the residents are peasants and farmers by occupation. The major crops of the target UC are sugar cane. Major enterprise of the area is Ghani (Ghur Making).

Case study I:Rabnawaz
Age: 22 year
S/o: Fazal-e-Kareem Shah
Resident of: Gulshanabad business in Hasinabad UC Hisara yasinzai
Business: Tailor
Contact No:03219693686

Figure [ 1 ] Rabnawaz in his tailor shop before grants

Rabnawaz is the resident of Gulshanabad UC Hisara Yasinzai Charsadda . He is a hard worker and honest man. Due to poor financial conditions and low income of his father he was not able to go to school, but he didn’t gave up on his life and started his own business of karyana shop near his home to support his family and help his father. Although his business was very small due to shortage of cash but somehow he was contributing. But after the flood his shop was completely washed his merchandise were destroyed and he was jobless and in miserable condition.

After the floods he managed to start his business with the help of his younger brothers. SMEDA-ER came to his rescue identified Rabnawaz in enterprise assessment as he was best fit in the enterprise grants criteria he got the grants of Rs.30000, he was so much encouraged by SMEDA-ER financial, legal and moral help that he also managed 20000 of his own personal saving in addition to the SMEDA-ER grant and restored his business in a way that he can now earn a respectable amount to support his family.
Figure [ 2 ] Rabnawaz shop after utilizing the grants
He bought two second hand sewing machines, acquire a bigger and centrally located shop, and has employed two more workers due to load of work. Now he is not only earning a handsome amount form his tailoring shop but also saving to expand his shop, Rabnawaz is a happy and active member of SMEDA-ER project. He is also willing to continue his studies which he was unable to continue because of financial crises, this year he appeared privately for metric exams. He charges wages for Rs. 120 for big clothes and Rs. 60 for child...
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