Case: Siemens AG - Global Development Strategy

Topics: Corporate social responsibility, Corporation, Business ethics Pages: 4 (793 words) Published: March 28, 2008
Siemens is a huge 155 year old international $77 billion German based companionship operating from side to side 16 big business units by means of one of the world's main infrastructure, electronic and engineering corporation and 1200 fully merges supplementaries in additional than 190 countries, which are sprint by 484,000 workers.

All Siemens businesses are part of a medium organization that combines a central strategic compass reading with decentralized business and local responsibilities. As worldwide entrepreneurs, Siemens' Operating Groups are independently accountable for their universal businesses. Each Group has its own Executive Management, which is accountable for organization Group commerce in accordance with corporation policies distinct by the Managing Board of Siemens AG. The Operating Groups decide how their resources will be second-hand. They develop their possess strategies, manage their possess assets and generate pay in their respective marketplace segments.

Siemens: Vision, Strategy & Principles.

According to the expert analysis a company likes siemens with so a group of people, production sites, products and associates all over the world - needs a solid base of lawful and ethical principles.

Siemens: Corporate Principle"Siemens is a productive innovator and a strong actor in the global commerce stadium. The information, skills and dedication of our populace are crucial to our sustained achievement as a corporation."Source: Siemens Corporate Responsibility Report 20021.We strengthen our CUSTOMERS - to keep them spirited.

2.We push INNOVATION - to form the prospect.

3.We enhance corporation VALUE - to open new opportunities.

4.We empower our PEOPLE - to achieve world-class performance. Our workers are the key to our success. We work jointly as a global network of knowledge and knowledge. Our corporate civilization is defined by variety, by open conversation and mutual admiration, and by clear goals and important leadership....
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