Case of Susan Shapiro

Topics: Ethics, Game theory, Morality Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: October 8, 2008
“The Case of Susan Shapiro”

Susan’s Behaviour
Susan is a Jewish girl who is brilliant but irate tempered, complaining and conclusive personality. Susan’s nature of expecting a predetermined behaviour from others, preconceived notions added to her conclusive attitude has become the cause of conflict in her personality. Susan is in ethical dilemma whether to leave the organization after she was confronted with - what she thinks as conflicting situations in the workplace. She jumps into conclusion without due and adequate evidence. Attributing to her very nature she feels that chemistry is not suitable to her which was proved wrong by the fact that she got job because of her chemistry academic background. Also she was apprehensive of not getting job being a Jew. This might have been formed in her mind subconsciously and so her beliefs are based on misinterpretation of some past experiences. This is well evident from the fact that she left the research division of Parke–Davis only because one of her male colleagues asked her to fetch coffee for him. This is an individual attribute of that person and she is not being fair by attributing it to the whole organisation in general. She moves out and avoids it instead of trying to comprehend the situation which also shows her impulsive nature. Susan needs to understand that circumstances are not in an individual’s control but the reactions and conduct are. Outcomes or events should be determined by one’s conduct and attitude and not the other way round. If she felt that the organization was not ready for women, instead of moving away she should have tried to act, talk and carry her in a fashion which would have helped her in understanding the situation rather than jumping to the conclusion. She seems to be plagued with catastrophysing cognition belief and finds her job training very unsatisfactory. She wishes things always happen her way. She feels frustrated and becomes angry when the foreman and personnel manager...
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