Case of Business Ethics

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1. What are the Stake Holders interacting with them?

The StakeHolders direct are:
Society: Users of the public transportation
Employees of bus company
City transport authority
Renter of bus
Operators tour

The StakeHolders indirect are:
Informal transit associations
Drivers (conductors) and other personnel
Government local and national
Radio/ Medias

2. Potential conflicts – examples?

Conflict between bus driver and the users of the public transportation: Manage the aggressive people (intimidation, verbal threats)
Careful being in high-risk areas (projectiles)
Aggression of the drivers (violence)
Damaging property of the bus
Consumers of drug or drinking

Other conflicts:
Vehicle on the road
Pression of bus driver (working conditions)
People who park not correctly
For controller: users are not paid

3. Main factors of psychological risks? (Using LEKA’S check list)

1) Job content
Lack of variety, monotonous or under-stimulating tasks
Continuous exposure to people

2) Work load and work place
High level of time pressure
Machine pacing

3) Work schedule
Night shifts
Strict and Inflexible working schedules
Long or unsociable hours

4) Participation and control
Lack of control over workload (over work method, work pace, working hours and the work environment)

5) Organizational culture and functions
Low level of support for problem solving and personal development Lack of definition of, or agreement on, organization’s objectives.

6) Interpersonal relationship at work
Social or physical isolation, solitary work
Poor relationship with co-workers and Interpersonal conflicts Bullying, harassment and violence
No agreed procedures for dealing with complaints and problems

7) Role in organisation
Responsibility for people

8) Career development, status and pay
Job insecurity
Poor pay
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