Case Memo 2

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Case Memo #2

In this assignment, students will read and analyze a case study. In response to the case study, students will write an analysis in business memo format, addressed to the Board of Directors for the company. The memo is written by the student acting as a hired consultant for the company.

The case study to be analyzed, The Case of Plant Relocation, is attached.

By completing this assignment, students will meet the outcome(s):

identify ethical issues that arise in domestic and global business environments using an understanding of ethical concepts and of legal and business principles; develop and evaluate alternatives to, and recommend solutions for, ethical dilemmas, taking into account ethical and legal requirements and the essential mission of the business enterprise effectively communicate to internal and external business stakeholders the complexities of ethical issues, suggesting and analyzing various solutions in order to ensure appropriate business practices and accountability Requirements of Case Memo #2:

Draft memo using the prescribe format (subheadings/sections) prescribed below; All sections must be comprehensive, in-depth and fully justified; Resources from previously assigned course materials or from your own research may be used to justify and support rationale; All in-text citations and resources must be in APA style;

Submit the completed case in the Assignment Folder.
Memorandum Format:





Include all the following subheadings/sections in the memo:

INTRODUCTION: Brief intro to subject of memo.

FACTS SUMMARY: Summarize and explain the facts that are directly significant and relevant to the ethical dilemma in this case.

ETHICAL DILEMMA: Discuss either/or ethical dilemma facing the company.

ETHICAL ISSUES: Discuss two (2) of the most significant ethical issues related to, and arising from, the ethical dilemma and then, explain each ethical issue and why it is an ethical/moral issue, etc.

ALTERNATIVES: List, explain and justify one (1) possible alternative/solution for EACH ethical issue to address and resolve the ethical dilemma and each ethical issue discussed above.

Alternatives should be feasible, logical, directly related to resolving the ethical dilemma and addressing the ethical issues in the case.

Alternatives are expressed in the form of propositions or prescriptive statements suggesting action and are framed by asking the normative question, what could or should the company do? Consider consequences. Identify relevant stakeholders and the effects on them, pros and cons, etc. of each alternative. Apply ethical theories in context of your evaluations, but don’t over-do this aspect. For example, teleological or consequentialist theorists would examine who the stakeholders are, both internal and external to the company, and the positive and negative consequences for each group, etc.

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend one and only one (1) alternative from the two (2) alternatives suggested above. Justify and explain your choice discussing:

why you recommend this alternative;
how, specifically, the recommendation will address the ethical dilemma and ethical issues; how the recommendation will likely impact relevant stakeholders; pros and cons of your recommendation;
feasibility of your recommendation;
how the recommendation will be implemented;
Apply ethical theories, resources from previously assigned course materials, or resources from your own research to justify and support your recommendation. FUTURE IMPLICATIONS for RECOMMENDATION: Discuss potential implications arising from your recommendation for:

the company
other businesses within the industry
other industries
CONCLUSION: Summarize the case and its ethical issues, implications, etc.

Case Memo 2 Case

The Case of the Plant Relocation

You are the chief executive of Electrocorp, an electronics company, which makes the...
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