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Case Management

By asdfghji Jan 07, 2011 630 Words
Case Manager
The person interviewed for this paper was Dixie Cochran, Case Manager with the Source Program. Ms. Cochran has been a Licenced Practical Nurse for eight years with a wide variety of experience in the nursing field. I chose to interview this person because of her experience in healthcare and I hope to be a Registered Nurse one day soon.

Ms. Cochran has worked in surgery, emergency rooms, med-surg, out-patient surgery, nursing homes, home health, and is now a Case Manager with Source. She is certified in wound care, phlebotomy, advanced intravenous therapy, pain management, and case management. To be a Case Manager the nurse must be certified by the state of Georgia in Case Management.

Source is a state funded program that assists low income patients to stay at home and remain functional as long as possible, in hopes of preventing nursing home or group home placement. Patients must be on Medicaid and meet physical or mental disability criteria to be enrolled in the program. The patients on Source must see a Source Primary Care Physician, this is a doctor contracted with Source and the state of Georgia to provide care to Medicaid recipients. This physician must agree to participate and work with the Case Manager in doing so he must meet with the Case Manager once a month. He will also inform the Case Manager at any time during the month if he finds a problem with the patient, just as the Case Manager agrees to do the same for the physician. Patients on the Source program must inform the Case Manager and the physician of any changes in their health care. Many Patients on Source may see multiple physicians according to their diagnosis; these physicians could duplicate medications or tests.

The Source program offers patients young and old in home aide services, home delivered meals, emergency response systems, adult day health, transportation, and medical management. The Case Manager is responsible for seeing that all the patients’ medical needs are met.

The job of Case Manager is a forty hour a week job, and can be done from home of the office. The Case Manager’s time is consumed largely by paper work, phone calls and home visits with patients every month. The positive part of the job is the Case Manager is not bound to the office, the scenery changes everyday. The negative aspect of being a Case Manager is it can be very dangerous going into patients homes some of whom may have mental illnesses like paranoid schizophrenia who can be violent if they are not taking their medication properly. The Case Manager has sixty to eighty patients in which they monitor daily, working closely with home health, doctors, and physical therapy to ensure proper treatment for all patients. The Case Manager also monitors medications. Patients who see more than one doctor could be at risk for a mediaction error that could lead ro death. The patient could be seeing their Primary Care Physician and Cardiologist both who are treating the patients blood pressure the Primary Care Physician may have ordered Toprol and the Cardiologist may have ordered Lopresor, the patient now has two prescription for the same medication but is unawarable of it due to the different names of the medication. If the patient takes both of these medications their blood pressure could go to low leading to death.

Case Management seems to be exciting and a fulfilling job. The ability to help someone stay in their home as long as possible would be very rewarding. This program helps kids, teens, adults, and the elderly with a multitude of illnesses and diagnosis’s that exposes the Case Manager to all aspects of nursing.

Cochran, D. (2008, November 10). [Personal interview]

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