Case Incident 2 "Leadership Factories”

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1.The composition of the workforces of the various companies is a significant factor. As stated, the majority of the employees of a company like McKinsey comprise managers or management trainees. Indeed, companies like these, right off the bat, have 3 major criteria in hiring, leadership potential, high academic performance, and the ability to think and problem-solve creativity. Employees of such companies gain much training and work experience, which make them suitable managers and possible future CEOs. So clearly, the composition of the workforce of any given company is a significant factor with regard to the probability of that company producing a future CEO. 2.Those who aren't natural leaders tended to get stuck at the same places time and again with the same refrain. I couldn't do that! Their own beliefs and rules about how things should be done got in the way, and they ended up not having quite as much fun either. More importantly, they found they couldn't or wouldn't shift enough of their patterns and rules to be able to build a better mousetrap. 3.This affect wont changed my decision, my advice, be up front and honest with all parties. With the company that has given me an offer, say, “I’m very interested in this position and I’m excited about the offer. I do need some time to think it over, as I’ve also been meeting with other companies. With the two companies that I feel will make me an offer, but haven’t, say, “I’ve received another job offer. Now, they will immediately assume, “hey this guy has been out of work for 6 months and he wants us to believe he really has another job offer. I’m not that stupid. So, they will probably want to know what company and details. 4.The gather data about leader effectiveness, too, and the results of one research effort have proven to be particularly fascinating. In its own way it does lend credence to the findings of others. The data focused more on followers, rather than the leaders themselves. At all levels...
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