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Topics: Employment, Recruitment, Preference Pages: 2 (289 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Case Study: 02

1. Given the hotel's stated employee preferences, what recruiting sources would you suggest they use, and why? Answer: The hotel Paris is a well-known hotel. In this case, Hotel Paris do not have enough effective employees. Also HR professional get in a fix that if they do not get enough applicants, they will not be able to hire other employee. That could be make less profit to their hotel. Or it also make a demotion to their standard. So that’s why I think that they should maintain a proper system to make other’s feel interest to work with them and should motivate and encourage their own employee as well.

2. What would a Hotel Paris help wanted ad look like?
Answer: Hotel Paris previous HR direction did that help wanted part by placing help wanted part by placing help wanted ads in their local papers. But Hotel Paris directors should have a sense that what type of applicants the company preferred, what media and alternative sources of recruits its managers should use. They must have a online recruiting, and make a measurement at all of recruitment process effectiveness. The head greatens need to make a Systematical selective process.

3. How would you suggest they measure the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts? Answer: To measure the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts Hotel Paris can review the number of qualified applicants per position, percentage of jobs filled from within, the offer-to-acceptance ratio and acceptance by recruiting source. Having only 2 applicants apply for a certain position does not leave much choice for hire. Internal candidates have an advantage as they are already aware of the companies culture and the managers know their strengths and weaknesses.
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