Case for critical thinking: Quality can endure despite environmental shocks

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1101IBA Tute Case Analysis – Preparation Sheet

Week 7 Tutorial

Case for critical thinking: Quality can endure despite environmental shocks

1. What elements of the general environment would have most impact on Mercedes cars and Haines Signature boats?

The general environments that would have had the most impact on Mercedes cars and Haines Signature boats are the technological and economic changes. As of being companies which sells/produce quality products, which are also expensive, they would struggle to sell is the economy wasn’t rising (ex. with a stronger and bigger middleclass through out the world). Technological conditions also have an impact. Their operating strategies can be different based on changes in the environment. In the manufacturing industry they are dependent on the general state of technology.

2. What do you feel the organisation cultures of these companies would be like?

They are both similar. Both companies are very observable and core cultures. The cores at Mercedes Haines Signature are innovation, technical advances and high quality products. This along with the there understanding for their consumers’ needs and the way they are able to meet these.

3. What strategic and dynamic capabilities would you imaging these companies and the band possess in order to keep ahead of the competition and thrive in changing economic environments?

The strategic and dynamic capabilities of Mercedes Benz, Haines Signature Boats and AC/DC are they see themselves above competitors. Mercedes and Haines Signature Boats have better technical knowledge, innovation and quality assurance then most other companies. These are their trademarks and are close to impossible for others companies to replicate. Haines Signature Boats separate themselves from others by having better instruments and nicer aesthetic that have separated them from other boat companies. AC/DC are a global brand and have a trademark sound. They provide entertainment to...
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