Case for Analysis: Pierre Dux

Topics: Problem solving, Thought, How to Solve It Pages: 4 (1335 words) Published: October 18, 2008
oCase Summary
-Mr. Pierre Dux is the employee of the INCO manufacturing plant. -He thought that he would get a promotion from the company but he did not. -The company was successful because of his work. He did not get any benefit tough. -4 years ago, the company did not have a good business, and Mr. Pierre did the best that he could to help the company. -Mr. Pierre and his group made many changes to the company.

-The manager had many meetings with many groups and progress was made. -The people who did not agree with the new ideas were plant the new management ideas were plant engineers. This is because they believed that the workers and the managers were blame. -Then, progress was made slowly and other people and companies were interested in the new management idea. It was an experiment. -All people in the factory like the new idea.

-The new changes were good and people also were tired. This is because they worked so hard. However, they were happy with the job. -Mr. Pierre Dux thought that he had been very successful. He also was surprised that he was not promoted or given any bonus from working hard.

Problems and Solutions we found from the case;
oProblem 1
Mr. Pierre Dux was an employee of the INCO manufacturing plant. He helped the company improving the manufacturing operations and many things inside the company to be better. So, we can say that he is a good guy. While he was working, he did not get any supporting money from the company. Well, he did not say anything. He just kept working without saying anything. Not only did not receiving supporting money from the company, but also did not get any encouragement from anyone. That was too bad. When his job accomplished, he thought that he supposed to get promoted, or receive some benefits, because he improved all main problems of the company. And he thought he did it quite well. After his president knew that his work was successful, he just stole Mr. Pierre Dux’s work. And Mr. Dux could not say...
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