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Topics: Arithmetic mean, Median, American Broadcasting Company, Mode / Pages: 2 (282 words) / Published: Oct 27th, 2013
Case Closed: Nielson Ratings
1.The graph indicates that ABC has the highest ratings, with an average of 8.72million viewers. CBS has 7.98million viewers on average, and NBC has the least with an average of 6.88million viewers.

ABC= 5.5, 5.7, 7.6, 9.7, 16.2
CBS= 5.4, 6.1, 8, 9.65, 10.9
NBC= 5.4, 5.95, 7.1, 7.7, 7.8

- ABC IQR= 9.7-5.7=4
Upper= 9.7+1.5(4)= 15.7
Lower= 5.7-1.5(4)= -.3
1 outlier= 16.2
- CBS IQR= 9.65-6.1= 3.55
Upper= 9.65+1.5(3.55)= 14.98
Lower= 6.1-1.5(3.55)= .78
No outliers
- NBC IQR= 7.7-5.95= 1.75
Upper= 7.7+1.5(1.75)= 10.33
Lower= 5.95-1.5(1.75)= 3.33
No outliers

By saying the mean percent of TV viewers watching a particular network is a nonresistant number means the mean is not an accurate description of the data. This is because outliers affect the mean. If a set of data is skewed left, the mean will be pulled down the left, making it an unreliable number for describing. A resistant number would be the median because outliers do not affect it.
Although ABC has the highest mean of viewers, I would rank CBS as the most overall successful network. The reason being, CBS overall has better ratings that ABC. The only reason ABC has such a high mean is because of Desperate Housewives having the max amount of viewers at 16.2 million. The next highest show for ABC has about 6.5million less viewers, making 16.2 an outlier and the mean a nonresistant number. CBS, on the other hand, has no outliers and only has a mean a little below 1million viewers less than ABC. More importantly, ABC has a median of 7.6 and CBS has a higher median of 8. This proves CBS is more successful because the median is a resistant number. NBC would be the least successful network because their max show only has a max of 7.8million viewers, which is about the median of the other two networks.

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