Case Brief

Christy Brzonkala v. Antonio J. Morrison
United States Supreme Court
That fall, freshman student Christy Brzonkala was allegedly assaulted and raped repeatedly by Antonio Morrison and James Crawford, members of the school's football team. During the school-conducted hearing on her complaint, Morrison admitted having sexual contact with her despite the fact that she had twice told him "no." College proceedings failed to punish Crawford, but initially punished Morrison with a suspension. Issue:

United States v. Morrison invalidated the section of the Violence against Women Act (VAWA) of 1994 that gave victims of gender-motivated violence the right to sue their attackers in federal court, although program funding remains unaffected. Congress enacted this private civil remedy because of what the minority called a mountain of data suggesting that states did not prosecute crimes against women as often as crimes against men Decision:

The United States Supreme Court did not find sufficient evidence to charge either man with a crime. Brzonkala then filed suit under the Violence against Women Act Analysis:
The Court majority ruled that VAWA exceeded congressional power under the Commerce Clause and the Equal Protection Clause. The Court, relying on United States v. Lopez, rejected the argument that VAWA was validly enacted under the Commerce Clause's grant of power to Congress. The Court also rejected the argument that Congress had the power to enact VAWA under the Fourteenth Amendment. Opinion:

Shana and I got together and discussed, that we both agree to disagree. We disagree that this young poor lady had to suffer and go through a lives-worth of problems; But, She also helped the world for future and upcoming tragedies of this matter and she helped woman regain the rigths for the rest of eternity.
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