Case Bellagio Questions

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Bellagio Questions
Name: Sam Clark

Bellagio Questions

1. Focus on three key roles at mainly three levels of authority in the casino—blackjack dealers, pit bosses, and the vice president of table games. How would you characterize the “control strategy” (e.g., tight vs. loose) used over each of these roles?

2. Prepare a list of the controls described in the case. What control problems are they designed to address? Are the managers interviewed for the case justified in being proud of their company’s control system? Why or why not?

3. Are any of the control systems in place at the Bellagio suitable for firms in other industries?

1. Bellagio uses multiple forms of supervision and surveillance on the blackjack dealers, such as the cameras, standard of actions, so the “control strategy” on them is tight. Pit bosses are the persons who supervise the dealers, but there are also some methods to control them, such as the signatures on lots of documents, so the “control strategy” is a little tight. Compared with the other positions, the vice president of table games were watched with less supervision, so the “control strategy” on the vice president of table games is loose. The control strategy make them know exactly what the casino expect them to do, and the objective of it is to make sure the safety of the casino’s assets. 2. (1) A. Locked cash boxes on the casino floor. This control was designed to avoid steal. B. Daily cash and coin counts performed by employees who were independent of casino operations. This control was designed to make sure the accuracy of the amount, and avoid the related personnel change the amounts. C. Constant observation and supervision of the gaming area. This control was designed to watch the activity of the gaming area, and make the pit bosses and floor persons solve the events that were out of the ordinary easily. D. Observation and recording of gaming and other areas by closed-circuit television. This control was designed to...
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