Case Based Pediatrics for Medical Students

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Situation 1 – Nurse Mito is assigned to the triage area. While on duty, he assesses the condition of a client with asthma. She has difficulty breathing and her respiratory rate is 45 per minute. The doctor prescribed epinephrine 0.3 mg subcutaneously. 1. The medication for epinephrine injection for the client is to: a. Reduce anaphylaxis

b. Relieve hypersensitivity to allergen
c. Relieve respiratory distress due to bronchial spasm
d. Restore client’s cardiac rhythm
2. What is the initial action of the nurse when preparing the epinephrine injection from an ampule? a. Taps the ampule at the top to allow fluid to flow to the base of the ampule b. Checks expiration date of the medication ampule

c. Removes needle cap of syringe and pulls plunger to expel air d. Breaks the neck of the ampule with a gauze wrapped around it 3. When administering a subcutaneous injection to an obese patient, what is the correct action? a. The nurse will inject needle at a 15 degree angle over the stretched skin of the client b. The nurse will pinch skin at the injection site and use airlock technique c. The nurse will pull skin of patient down to administer the drug in a Z track d. The nurse will spread skin at the injection site and inject needle at a 45-90 degree angle 4. The proper size of syringe and needle for a subcutaneous injection would be: a. Syringe 3-5 ml and needle gauge 21 to 23

b. Tuberculin syringe 1 ml with needle gauge 26 to 27
c. Syringe 2 ml and needle gauge 22
d. Syringe 1-3 ml and needle gauge 25 to 27
5. The rationale for giving medication through the subcutaneous route is: a. There are many alternative sites for subcutaneous injection b. Absorption time of the medicine is slower
c. There are less pain receptors in this area
d. The medication can be injected while the client is in any position Situation 2 – The therapeutic use of massage and medication to help decrease stress and pain have been strongly recommended. 6. Laura wants to do a study on this topic: “Effects of massage and meditation on stress and pain”. The type of research that best suits this topic is: a. Applied research

b. Qualitative research
c. Basic research
d. Quantitative research
7. This type of research design does not manipulate independent variable: a. Experimental design
b. Quasi-experimental design
c. Non-experimental design
d. Quantitative design
8. The research topic has the potential to contribute to nursing. The topic seeks to: a. Include new modalities of care
b. Resolve a clinical problem
c. Clarify an ambiguous modality of care
d. Enhance client care
9. Laura does review of related literature for the purpose of: a. Determine statistical treatment of data research
b. Gathering data about what is already known or unknown about the problem c. To identify if problem can be replicated
d. Answering the research question
10. Client’s right should be protected when doing research using human subjects. Laura identifies these rights as follows EXCEPT: a. Right of self-determination
b. Right to compensation
c. Right of privacy
d. Right not to be harmed
Situation 3 – Lito has a nursing diagnosis of ineffective airway clearance related to excessive secretions and is at risk for infection because of retained secretions. Part of the nursing care plan is to loosen and remove excessive secretions in the airway. 11. The nurse listens to Lito’s bilateral sounds and finds that congestion is in the upper lobes of lungs. Which of the following is the appropriate position to drain the anterior and posterior apical segments of the lungs when percussion is performed? a. The client should be lying on his back then flat on his abdomen in Trendelenburg position b. The client is seated upright in bed or on a chair then leaning forward in sitting position...
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