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Topics: Policy, Discrimination, Adultism Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: October 11, 2010
Human Resource Management
October 3, 2010
Chapter 4 - Case Study
1. I think Larry Norvell faces a big ethical challenge. The complexity of this situation makes it very difficult for him to have a right answer to his problem. Whatever he decides, he will be making a sacrifice of some sort. I think he should definitely take into consideration the costs and benefits of his choice, but this is not something he can decide only through financial planning. The ethics involved may have just as significant of an effect on UWCW as the business aspect. I liked the comment he made about one adviser mentioning “who would be helped and who would be hurt.” I tend to look at things based on what the greater good is. Some time’s you have to make a smaller mistake for the sake of a greater good. Though, it is very difficult to always be sure what the greater good is. One thing to consider is that perhaps all the other groups who are in proposition for the anti-homosexual policies are misguided. For Larry to submit to this view only for financial reasons, he is becoming a part of the problem (not the solution). What if discrimination against homosexuals grows rapidly after his decision; he’d have to carry it on his conscience.

2. If I was Larry Norvell I would approach the United Way Board by strongly suggesting that United Way Board take its own stance on the matter; rather than making a move based purely on financial implications. I think that it is very important for them to have their own perspective and voice that opinion to show the public where they stand on this issue. I don’t think that they should cater to the Boy Scouts at any cost because they are jeopardizing their control. I think that the three points to be identified should be ethical stance, the consequences of that stance, and how to present that stance. Once their organization comes to a specific position the will need to figure out what the consequences will be so that they will be best prepared on...
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