Case: Aqualisa Quartz

Topics: Plumbing, Shower, Marketing, Bathroom, Bathtub, United Kingdom / Pages: 2 (466 words) / Published: May 19th, 2011
1. What type of industry environment is Aqualisa operating in?
• Aqualisa is recognized as top quality, premium brand with great service. However, Aqualisa could be vulnerable due to the competitiveness of the shower marker. Other companies are catching up in terms of product quality and offering lower prices than Aqualisa.
• Challenges in UK: poor plumbing, low pressure, and fluctuation in temperature. 60% of UK homes had showers Aqualisa products are able to deliver high pressure shower with improved aesthetics

2. How well or not is the company currently performing overall?
• Its reputation has been strong in the UK shower market and ranked number 2 in mixing valves and number 3 in the overall UK shower market.
• Highly profitable company, comfortable with its niche in the market
• 25% net return on sales with 5% to 10% growth in a mature market

3. How important is the Aqualisa Quartz product to the company?
• Quartz is recognized as the premium brand and first significant product innovation
• Aqualisa spect €5.8 million in developing Quartz that cost €175 to €230 to make as a premium brand.

4. What is the "value proposition" of the Quartz shower to plumbers? To consumers? (As much as you can, provide the "value" in both qualitative terms and with quantitative data)
1. For plumbers: Quartz showers are east to install,½ day installation vs. 2 day installation. Doesn’t need to excavate the wall, plus cost of excavation and material. Straightforward installation even young apprentices can complete the entire job
2. Consumers: no bulky unit, automated temperature control with one push button. . Lower cost for plumbers who charged about €40 to €80 per hour without excavation. Remote processor for the Quartz shower about the size of a shoe box, which can be mounted horizontally, vertically, or on its side depending on space constraints. “one touch” control for desired temperature
3. Awarded top prize at Bathroom expo in London in

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