Case Analysis Study Approach

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Implementation Pages: 2 (271 words) Published: March 30, 2015
Case Analysis Study Approach (CASA)
(Read the case a couple of times)

Describe the Following for this Case Study-
1. Industry & Market:
2. External Environment:
3. Internal Environment: (Core Competencies)
4. Financial Analyses:
5. Economic Condition for Industry:
6. Key Trending Factors:
7. SWOT Analysis:
8. Key issues of the case:
9. Critical issue of the case that needs attention first:
10. Assumptions in the recognition of this critical issue:
11. 2 to 3 alternatives to address this critical issue:
12. Choose 1 of the alternatives to implement:
13. Describe the overarching strategy you propose and within which this alternative fits: 14. Explain your plan to implement this alternative:
15. Identify the critical organizational functions of the organization needed for implementation: 16. Identify the processes needed from each of these critical functions for implementation: 17. Describe the Balance Scorecard metrics to measure the success of this implementation: customer- “to keep our customer loyalty, how do we design the appearance of our website?” Financial- “To succeed financially, how do we promote our new website?” Learning and Growth- “To ensure our consumers are happy, how can we monitor our strategy and improve?”

Internal Business Process-“To satisfy our shareholders and customers, how do we make sure our website is promising?” 18. Describe any ethical concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation: 19. Describe any environmental concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation: 20. Describe any social concerns with this critical issue and plan implementation: Write a brief summary of your recommendation and the value you propose this organization may gain from this implementation. (one paragraph – approximately100 words)
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