Case Analysis: Rogers' Chocolate

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BA462-Strategic Manament – Case 1

September 19, 2013

After taking in depth tour of Rogers’ Chocolate, one may find many strengths and weaknesses in terms of the company’s strategic managements. This case analysis is written to figure out the company’s weaknesses by decomposing company’s current circumstances and strengths by integrating components of strategic management. Good strategic plan is derived from using an appropriate analysis. Although there are many useful analogical methods that can be used such as Michael Porter’s 5 forces model, the main method used here would be SWOT analysis. SWOT is a very effective tool in understanding and creating a good combination of Rogers’ management strategies. In terms of the SWOT analysis, first following two paragraphs of this paper will explain about strengths and weaknesses of the company of which the focus is the internal side of management. Latter two paragraphs after that will illustrate opportunities and threats that the Rogers’ may confront externally. Eventually, as for the last paragraph, this report will conclude with suggestions for good strategic plans.

The common strengths found in Rogers’ are that the company is well known for premium chocolates outweighing other brands in terms of product quality. Along with the quality, the biggest competiveness is that Rogers’ has kept long-lived history of family firm, gaining credibility from existing and potential customers. This goodwill that is hardly obtainable for other companies allows Rogers’ products to generate higher percentage of profit relative to its production cost. Also in terms of human resources and customer relation, Rogers’ have built strong relationship with their customers and employees.

The major weaknesses that Rogers’ has would be its inefficient production process and relatively low market shares in wholesales and online...
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