Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland

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Case Analysis of Hong Kong Disneyland
Analysis for Disney’s losing market share due to operational issues Hong Kong is a set of islands, which are outside the Mainland China. The culture in Hong Kong differs from the mainland due to its rule from the British. Hong Kong was a prime tourist destinations for a large number of people from the mainland, as a result Disney focused on people from mainland, the local residents and international tourists. The local residents were infamous for their low patience. Since its opening, the park has been in news regarding the operational problems associated with it. The issue with Disneyland lies with the way the park was managed. Based on their previous experiences in France regarding cultural imperialism, Disney made couple of attempts to ensure that the Disney’s presence does not showcase American hegemony and does not hurt Asian sentiments but in spite of that there were some operational issues that tarnished the Disneyland brand after its opening. Overview

Hong Kong Disneyland was opened in September 2005 through a joint venture between the Walt Disney International and Hong Kong government. The park was the smallest amongst all the other Disney parks located around the globe. Disney has been on an international expansion since it first opened its park in 1980 in Japan and China being the most lucrative market, Disney decided to open the park in Hong Kong after selecting the city in the bidding process. The park was the first American park in Chinese territory.

The following were the key operational issues that the park is confronted with * Issues with Construction of the park which cost HK government US$57.7 million * Issues with the food menu serving endangered species

* Issues with the pollution caused due to cheap quality fireworks used * Human rights issues with the supplier providing Disney...

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