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Appex Corportation – Class discussion questions
1. What were the challenges that Shikhar Ghosh faced when he joined Appex? Do you agree with Ghosh’s assessment upon joining Appex that what the firm needed was ‘control and structure’? He found that there was no structure within the organization, that everyone would do what was convenient for them, and not for the company. Ghosh was right the company did need control and structure. Organic = grows and adapt. (company)

2. Why did the circular structure fail to achieve its desired outcome? What does this tell us about the role that structure plays in an organization? First, the employees couldn’t relate to the structure, they were completely unfamiliar to it. They didn’t know whom to refer to in case of a problem, or whom was the authority of the power, since they didn’t know anything about this non traditional structure. Furthermore, this structure inculced to the employees that the customer was the enemy. And finally, it was completely geared toward responsiveness, and not toward any form of planning. This shows us, that the organization within a company is a determinant factor of the well being of the company. Without any structure, or any convenient structure to the company, it becomes chaotic and any of the employees knows what to do and what role to have.

The circular structure failed to achieve its desired outcome because it isn’t prepared for growth. The company receives more and more orders, and has more and more clients, it became harder to do the basics tasks, with this structure the company couldn’t handle the increasing demand. As a results Appex, became to fall behind, missing apointements, and having difficulty with the software, and more and more they we’re starting to loose their clients,

3. Was the functional structure a good way for Appex to solve its earlier problems? What were the strengths and weaknesses of the functional structure? The strengths were that everyone finally...
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