Case Analysis JetBlue

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Case Analysis: JetBlue
1. What are the most strategically important internal resources and capabilities? JetBlue’s internal resources and strategy has set them apart from the major airline companies as well as regional airline companies. JetBlue uses a Hybrid Carrier model that gives the airline company a niche in the industry by allowing low cost to the customers without depriving them of a full service flight. JetBlue’s has differentiated themselves by providing travelers with snacks and beverages free of charge, most airline companies today now charge a fee for any snacks given on board. While soft drinks and juices are usually complimentary on most flights, most airline companies will add the price of beverages into the customer’s plane ticket so it seems complimentary. They also provide services such as extended legroom and priority boarding to frequent flyer customers. The low cost fare is mixed with the feel of flying with a major airline. JetBlue also uses a single-type of aircraft in order to reduce costs. Airbus A320 planes are less expensive than a Boeing plane and they can hold more people. The quality of the human capital the JetBlue entails, exceed many other airline companies. The pilots are knowledgeable and helpful enough to get aircraft’s off the tarmac as soon as possible and will even help clean up planes in between flights. JetBlue also has one of the lowest incidents of delayed flights, and mishandled or lost baggage. 2. How can these assets and capabilities be leveraged most effectively? With the upper hand of having to deal with only one aircraft, it allows training costs to low and increase personnel utilization. This also keep maintain the aircraft very easy since every aircraft has the same parts that are in the same place. With not having the strain of being merged with another airline company JetBlue has free ability to fly where they want at the cost they want. JetBlue has taken the regional airline flying experience...
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