Case Analysis ESRI

Topics: Geographic information system, Geography, Cartography Pages: 3 (765 words) Published: February 3, 2015
Sean Paquet
MGMT 672
Case Analysis: ESRI

Who are the main players (name and position)?
Jack Raymond, founder and CEO of ESRI
Wife, Laura Raymond, co-founder
What business (es) and industry or industry are the companies in? Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
What are the issues and problems facing the company? (Sort them by importance and urgency). Why did this problem emerge? (Identify causal chain).
After reading through this case analysis numerous times trying to find any real issues the only thing that stood out was that several web based technologies have started to provide the same service as ESRI with much easier accessibility. However, the software that ESRI provides is for a much more complex set of operations than merely looking up driving directions.

In fact the software and services the company provides in the geographical information systems market, is so tailored to individual companies and firm that it cannot be catalogued with web based GIS such as Google Maps or Map Quest.

Yes most of these systems now point out a great deal of geographical information, but is for the more common user. ESRI produces 40 products and related services for 40 different industries. As such, the company corner a specific niche of the geographical information systems market that other more general web based systems would not be able to do without some extensive restructuring.

Are the apparent problems the real problems or only symptoms of the real problems?
The problem, if it can be called one is based on the human need to know about their world. Now, instead of looking at a paper map, the average consumer can find a wealth of information about literally any location, anywhere in the world. This was merely a logical progression of web based technology.

In my analysis I found no problems with ESRI. The company has a strong foundation. It is not losing market share do to perceived competition, and its business strategy is sound....
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