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Zest-O Corporation Case Research and Analysis
Table of Contents
Cover Page 1
Table of Contents 2
Part I. Case Research 3
        A. Company Profile 3
            1. Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategies 7             2. Developed Vision and Mission statements 8         B. Issues 10
        C. Interview 11
        D. Solution 12
Part II. Analysis 15
        A. Organizations external opportunities and threats 19         B. Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM) 20
        C. External Factor Evaluation (EFE) 21
        D. Internal Strengths and Weaknesses 22
        E. Internal Factor Evaluation (IFE) 22
        F. SWOT Matrix 23
        G. SPACE Matrix 24
        H. BCG Matrix 26
        I. Grand Strategy Matrix 28
        J. Strategy Options 29
        K. TOWS Matrix 30
        L. Specific strategies and long-term objectives 31         M. Action Plan 32
        N. Annual Objectives and Policies 36
        O. Procedures for strategy review and evaluation 37         P. Balanced Scorecard 38
Bibliography 40
Appendices 41

Part 1 – Case Research

A.Company Profile

Zest-O Corporation was established as a privately owned family corporation in May 1981 to engage in the manufacture and distributor of food products in the Philippines. Established as SEMEXCO MARKETING CORPORATION, the company adopted the name of its flagship brand in 1995 taking pride in the phenomenal success of ZESTO the NO. 1 juice drink in the Philippines. It started operation with a clear vision to be the leading food and beverage Filipino company competing with the multinational companies. It has always kept with the ideals of providing quality products at a reasonable price to its clients. The Company pioneered the first-ready-to-drink juice drink in flexible foil pouch (Doy Pack System). With its flair for innovation, Zest-O juice drinks won the consumers' patronage and wide acceptance. Over the past 25 years, Zest-O has earned itself a place in the Filipino culture. Zest-O Corporation has posted enormous growth over the years. With total assets of only Php 10M when it started, it continued to grow reaching annual gross sales of 280M in 1987 after 6 ½ years of operation. As the company continued to venture into different products, sales continued to MULTIPLY reaching a total annual gross sales of Php 2.6 B for the year 2004 with a total asset of 450 M. Aside from Zest-O Juice Drink, the company also markets Sunglo Juice Drinks in the innovative "sexy pouch" and Big 250 fruit drinks. Its latest acquisition of Plus Juice Drinks solidified the market leadership of Zest-O Corporation to 80% of the total ready-to-drink juices category. Guided by the company’s philosophy of producing quality products at an affordable price and making it available to the most number of consumers, the company has successfully diversified into other products. With its vision in mind, Zest-O Corporation has ventured in different product categories over the years. Luckily, it has successfully entered each product segment both in terms of sales volume and patronage. Venturing in the instant noodles segment with the QUICK CHOW, QUICKIE, TEKKI YAKIUDON and ASIAN CLASSIC brands has further propelled its business. With these brands, the company was able to capture a significant share of the noodles market in which its Quick Chow brand now enjoys the No. 1 spot in the Visayas and Mindanao Regions and holding the third in the Greater Manila Area. It also has ventured in the carbonated drinks market including FRUIT SODAS. Producing standard classics comparable to the leading brands at the same time introducing new age drink using indigenous raw materials. The company has also positioned itself in the highly competitive soft drinks market using aluminum cans and PET non- returnable plastic under ZEST-O-COLA, ROOTBEER, TWIST and SQUIZ. The latest are the fruit sodas in Calamansi w/ honey (Philippine version of Lemon), Dalandan (Philippine...

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But in the last decade or so, with more facts being unearthed supporting the link between good health and nutrition, Filipinos have definitely become more concerned about the issue of health
Zest-O wins ‘Most Admired’ firm award
Manila Bulletin (November 22, 2007)
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