Case Analysis # 7

Topics: Decision making, Implementation, Employment Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: June 29, 2011
Case Analysis # 7
Norge Electronics business purpose was the sale, installation and maintenance of sophisticated equipment for textile manufacturers. Norge is very customer oriented. The philosophy of Norge is ‘total service’ to its customers. Norge Portugal was headed by Manager Director Lars Jorgensen. Joao Silva, the administrative director was asked by Jorgensen to present a climate study based on the company. Joao was accountable for finance management, treasury, general, cost accounting, legal, and personnel. During the process of conducting a climate study for Norge, there were a lot of changes that were implemented by Joao Silva in Norge Portugal. These changes became the issues and problems for the company. I think the problems during the implementation process occurred mostly because of Silva and Jorgensen. Issues:

The first problem was that Silva was not a personnel manager and I thought maybe he was not the right person to do a climate study for the company. Also, he implemented all of the changes alone without involving his colleagues or the rest of the team in making decisions. Another problem was when Silva pressured his colleagues to deliver the job descriptions on time by threatening them with delayed payments and 14th salary. This problem showed that Silva had no trust in his colleagues and it was clearly not the right approach for effective work. With the job evaluation project process, Silva only included Lars and the method that was used was unknown. Silva also didn’t involve the department heads during the company’s grading system. Involvement of the department heads could have given a more accurate grading. I think the problem with Jorgensen was based on his lack of leadership. When Silva told Jorgensen some of the ideas he wanted to do, Jorgensen didn’t have much to say. All of these problems showed lack of leadership, lack of communication, lack of coordination and the lack of team-work. Solutions:

I think some of the solutions Norge...
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